Unable to open MS WORD document

Close all Microsoft Word documents (*.doc, *.docx, *.dot etc.) before running a coverage that uses such documents.

In the event of errors with Microsoft WORD document 1997-2003 (*.doc) documents, first check that the document can be opened manually. This will be impossible if the document is corrupt, or if Microsoft Word is not registered with a valid license.

I get the error code E09

This error raises when several tags can be found a a single position.

General case

The syntax does not allow to decide what is the tag for this text. Usually the solution is to fix the wrong syntax for the statement definition or the coverage definition.

Case involving LEXICAL_SECTION

Example of error: ambiguous syntax between LEXICAL_CUSTOM_TAG and LEXICAL_SECTION

Check that the style of the text that defines the custom tag is not a heading. The heading style is used to stop reading the current requirement. You must use a standard style instead of heading style.