Coverage Rate, Management Rate

Defines coverage and management rates.

PARTIAL, N/A and UNCOVERED tags can be followed by the percentage of the requirement that is concerned.

This percentage can be an integer value, e.g. 20%. It can also be a decimal value with a dot . as decimal separator and with less than 3 digits, e.g. 2.5%.


If the percentage value uses more than 3 decimal places, it is considered invalid and is ignored.

Management rate

management rate = the rate of requirement explicitly managed, excluding requirement with error. It is the number of requirements that are not in error divided by the total number of input requirements.

Coverage rate

coverage rate = number of input requirements that are covered divided by the total number of coverable requirements. A coverable requirement can be covered: is neither not applicable, nor deleted, nor in error.

For example let 10 requirements: - 3 requirements covered, - 1 explicitly not covered, - 2 not applicable, - 4 not yet managed. The management rate is 60% (6/10) and the coverage rate is 75% (¾).

When an requirement is partially covered, the rate is 50%. When it has at least two partial coverages, it is considered as covered.

An advanced features allow to precise the coverage rate explicitly. The coverage rate is more accurate, especially if requirements are not unitary.


For the example below, the coverage rate is 83% and the management rate is 100%:

<<REQ_0040>> #Partial 13%
<<REQ_0040>> #Partial 30%
<<REQ_0040>> #Partial 40%
<<REQ_0040>> #NA 17%

Example of combination of several coverage keywords for a requirement:

Combination Meaning Coverage Status Coverage Rate Management Rate
#Partial Requirement is partially covered at 50% rate and uncovered at 50%. PARTIAL 50% 50%
#Partial + #NA Requirement is partially covered at 50% rate and uncovered at 50%, and 100% NA. This is not possible. AMBIGUOUS_COVERAGE_ERROR N/A N/A
#Partial 60% + #Partial 40% Requirement is partially covered at 60% rate and requirement is covered at 40% at another place. CORRECT 100% 100%
#Partial 60% + #NA 40% The part of the requirement that can be covered (60%) is fully covered and there are 40% that can not be covered. CORRECT 100% 100%
#Partial 60% + #Uncovered 40% Requirement is partially covered at 60% rate and 40% is uncovered. PARTIAL 60% 100%
#Partial 60% 60% is fully covered and 40% is not defined. Depending on the missing information, the status will be Correct or Partial. It can not be decided at this time. PARTIAL N/A 60%
#Partial 60% + #NA 50% The percentage cannot exceed 100 AMBIGUOUS_COVERAGE_ERROR N/A N/A

See Status List Page.