SGML License Manager Install

This section presents how to install SGML License Manager. SGML License Manager is required for REQCHECKER™ PRO Floating and REQCHECKER™ PRO CL Floating. The license manager is as well an HTTP server that presents the connected users.

Check the pre-requisites

Hardware requirements


SGML License Manager is a Windows executable program that must be deployed on a physical server only.

Software requirements

Internet connection

SGML License Manager can be deployed in an intranet. An Internet connection is required if SGML License Manager is deployed on an internet server.



  1. Copy SGML License Manager executable file sglmserv-Win32.exe in the physical license server
  2. Right click on executable file
  3. Select Run as administrator menu

  4. Copy the hardware key (3EDA52A0 in this example) and send it to KHILOGIC with the contact form The message shall include if the requested license key shall distribute REQCHECKER™ PRO Floating or REQCHECKER™ PRO CL Floating.


    You will receive the activation key by email in a few day. Please ensure that your company is able to receive email from

  5. Paste the activation key received by email (13 characters length string, 566GEZ3OSXCFQ in this example)

  6. Enter an unused HTTP port. Leave 80 if you do not known what it is.

  7. Open the status page indicated in the Real time status page: field. Check the number of ordered tokens.

Register SGML License Manager on system startup

This task is higly recommended to ensure SGML License Manager will be available after a system reboot.

  1. Open the command prompt and enter taskschd.msc to open the Task Sheduler
  2. In the Action pane, select Create a task… menu
  3. In the Create task GUI, Select the General pane
  4. Enter a task name, for example SGLM
  5. Select Run whether user is logged or not checkbox
  6. Select Run with highest privileges checkbox
  7. Click OK button
  8. In the Create task GUI, Select the Trigger pane
  9. Click on the New button
  10. In the New trigger GUI, in Begin the task: select At Startup checkbox
  11. Ensure Enabled checkbox is on
  12. Click on the OK button
  13. In the Create task GUI, Select the Actions pane
  14. Click on the New button
  15. In action, select Start a program
  16. Click on Browse button
  17. Select sglmserv-Win32.exe file path
  18. Click on the OK button
  19. In the Create task GUI, select the Conditions pane
  20. Uncheck Start the task only if the computer is on AC power checkbox
  21. Click on the OK button
  22. Click on the OK button in the Create task GUI
  23. Enter the administrator password when prompted

Upgrade SGML License Manager

  1. If SGML License Manager is running as hidden task
    1. Kill sglmserv-Win32.exe process
    2. Right click on executable file
    3. Select Run as administrator menu
  2. On SGML License Manager console, enter uninstall command
  3. Execute again steps Download and Deploy