This section presents the software known limitations.


  • Maximum requirements number: up to 40000 requirements with Markdown Report, XML Export, Java Enum Export, Eclipse Content Assist Export. Up to 10000 requirements with Coverage PDF Report, Coverage Matrix, {{ no such element: dict object['veril'] }}.
  • Maximum file number: tested up to 500 documents.
  • Maximum requirement text length: 32760 characters.
  • Maximum font size that can be managed in documents: 128 points.
  • Maximum number of chapter sub levels in documents: 10 levels.

WORD Extraction

  • Microsoft WORD documents with track change are not supported.

PDF Extraction

  • For some PDF documents, the chapter titles could not be found. 13 numbering schema are implemented.
  • PDF document with multiple columns layer are not supported.
  • Text included in raster PDF are not supported.
  • Only text with rotation -90° and +90° are supported. For other rotation, text is ignored.
  • PDF with page rotation are not supported.