Settings Dialog

Reports file path and name

Path text field: sets the folder where the report is created

... button : browses for folder

Relative path checkbox: switches the path between absolute or relative. Relative path is computed with the path of the project file (.cover).

Name text field: sets the name of the report

Reports Settings

PDF Report - Title text field: sets the name of the project in the report

PDF Report - Logo text field: sets the logo in the report, it allows to use the logo of your company. The field "PDF Logo" is the path to custom logo file. The file shall have type .PNG, .GIF, .JPG, .BMP. The size shall be 1200 x 200 pix.

... button : browses for logo path

Default checkbox: switches between REQCHECKER default logo and custom logo

Pie Chart Colors buttons: click on a button to change the color displayed in the pie chart.