Tag summary

Tags are used to identify the requirements attributes in a statement, and the coverage attributes in a coverage:

Name Short Description Uses for statements Used for coverages Wildcards ? * Regular Expression
BEGIN STAT Beginning of a statement Yes Yes Yes
REQUIREMENT ID Syntax for a requirement unique ID Yes Yes Yes Yes
END STAT End of a requirement statement Yes Yes Yes
END TEXT End of the text of a requirement Yes Yes
LEAF Sets the leaf nature of the requirement Yes
LINKED Defines a related requirements ID Yes
DELETED Sets the status of the requirement to deleted Yes Yes
VERSION Sets the version of the requirement. Yes
BEGIN COVER Beginning of a coverage Yes Yes Yes
END COVER End of a coverage Yes Yes Yes
PARTIAL The coverage is partial Yes Yes
UNCOVERED The requirement is explicitly not covered Yes Yes
N/A The requirement is not applicable and is ignored. Yes Yes
BEGIN VERSION Beginning of the definition of the version of the covered requirement Yes
END VERSION End of the definition of the covered requirement Yes