Installation Frequently Asked Questions

This section presents some useful tasks.

How to find REQCHECKER hardware key?

Your hardware key is requested to compute your activation key.

  1. Open Reqchecker in the menu folder

  2. Click on Help > About

  3. Your key is displayed on the Computer ID: line

How to send your hardware key to KHILOGIC?

You can easily send your hardware key with the support request.

  1. Launch Reqchecker in the menu folder

  2. Click on menu Help > Support

  3. Your hardware key is automatically copied in the Computer ID field

  4. Enter your email in the Your Email (required) field
  5. Write your request in the Your Message (required) field, for example Activation request

How to update your activation key?

Your activation key must be updated to renew your support option or after a hardware update.

  1. Launch REQCHECKER™

  2. Open menu Help > About

  3. Click on Update Key button

  4. Paste the new key

  5. Click on the OK button

How to solve node-locked issues after an hardware update?

The node-locked are not available for a new hardware. Nevertheless you could face some activation issues without hardware replacement. In such case, you hardware key will change and the previous activation key will no longer work.

  1. Launch Reqchecker in the menu folder

  2. Click on menu Help > Support

  3. Fill the mandatory fields.

  4. Explain in Your Message (required) field which hardware part has been replaced

  5. Wait for the email from


    Please ensure that your company is able to receive email from

  6. Copy the activation key from the email, and update your activation key

How to solve "Invalid license, only floating license can be used on a virtual computer"?

Something suggest you are running REQCHECKER™ on a virtual computer.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Download KHILOGIC SGLM Utility
  2. Run sgldecmd-Win32.exe
  3. If Windows prompts Windows protects your PC, click on Run anyway.
  4. Press the S key. A temporary text file opens.
  5. Copy the text.
  6. Send the text to KHILOGIC: by email or by using the form
  7. Download Piriform Ltd. Speccy®
  8. Install and run Piriform Ltd. Speccy®
  9. Click on File > Save as Text menu
  10. Select a local path on your computer
  11. Open this file and copy the text
  12. Send the text to KHILOGIC: by email or by using the form

KHILOGIC support team will analyse your configuration and quickly send you a workaround.

How to read markdown report with Google Chrome?

Markdown Report can be displayed in Google Chrome WEB Browser with a nice look.

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. Open chrome web store page
  3. Search markdown viewer
  4. Select markdown viewer from
  5. Click on the Add to Chrome button
  6. Click on the Add Extension button to confirm
  7. Click on the M button on the top right to open settings
  8. Click on the ADVANCED OPTIONS menu
  9. Click on the ALLOW ACCESS TO FILE:// URLS button
  10. Click on the Allow access to file URL toggle button
  11. Open Windows Explorer
  12. Right click on a Markdown Report generated by REQCHECKER™
  13. Click on the Open With button
  14. Click on the Choose another application menu
  15. Select Google Chrome
  16. Click on the Always use this application to open md files checkbox
  17. Click on the OK button
  18. Click on the M button on the top right to open settings
  19. Click on the CONTENT tab header
  20. Click on the TOC toggle button

How to solve issue with floating token connexion?

  1. Login to the SGLM License Manager computer.

  2. Open the URL http://<sglm_ip>:<sglm_port>/sglm/status.

  3. Check that the page is active.

    If not, uninstall and install SGLM License Manager again.

  4. Check that there is at least one available token.

    If not, wait for a token to be available.

  5. Login to the end user computer.

  6. Open the URL http://<sglm_ip>:<sglm_port>/sglm/status.

  7. Check that the page is active.

    If not, contact your IT to enable the connexion.

  8. Check that the end of maintenance date is not older that the publication date of your REQCHECKER™ version.

    If not, uninstall REQCHECKER™ and install the older version.

  9. Copy the value after Activation key: in the status page.

  10. Paste it in the REQCHECKER™ dialog box.