Coverage Matrix



Coverage Matrix presents all statements and their coverages. It allows to navigate through coverage tree and source files.

The links to source documents are relative if the document are stored in the same folder. In this case the report and the documents can be opened on another computer.

Multiple statements are highlighted in the verification report. This help to find and fix them.

The report presents two sheets:

Hyper-links allow to navigate to the source statement or to the coverage.


The format is a MICROSOFT EXCEL spreadsheet XLSX.

Status sheet

Each line presents the synthesis of a requirement:

Matrix sheet

Each line presents a couple { statement , coverage }. If the requirement has not coverage, a single line presents the statement information and coverage information are blank. If the requirement has coverages, the report contains one line for each coverage, the statement information are the same for these lines, the coverage information are filled with different values.

Some columns may be show/hidden depending on report options.

Columns VERSION and COVERAGE VERSION are used to compute the impact analysis.