WORD Add-in


Add-in for Microsoft Word provides powerful features for easily search, display, author and cover requirements directly in Microsoft® WORD application.


See installation section.


Click on Insertion ribbon section on the top of Microsoft WORD to display the Add-in for Microsoft Word ribbon buttons.

Ribbon buttons

Settings Tab

This tab manages connexion settings and authoring settings.

The top of the search tab includes a full text search engine on title, text and custom attributes.

Requirement embedded viewer

When a requirement is selected in the search results, its content is displayed on the bottom of the search tab. The viewer displays all information and attributes. The searched terms are highlighted. The hyper-links open the target in its original document.

The viewer area can be resized with the grey horizontal grip line.

Insert Coverage button opens the Insert coverage GUI.

Show / Hide Coverages toggle button shows or hides coverage in the document.

Insert statement GUI

Insert statement GUI edits the attributes for the new requirement. OK button inserts a new statement at the cursor position.


With REQCHECKER™, the version value is not mandatory. An automatic version (footprint) is computed for you if you leave it empty.

If the Insert WORD fields option is checked, the syntax of the requirement ID is checked against the project syntax when the control is exited.

Note that other kind of errors (e.g. duplicate ID) requires all documents together. They are computed with the Save & Compute button.

Insert coverage GUI

Insert coverage GUI edits the coverage attributes for the selected requirement. OK button inserts a new coverage at the cursor position.