Software vs method

We have designed a versatile and non-intrusive software that can be easily integrated into a multitude of processes and methods. You can use REQCHECKER™ for SCRUM, WATERFALL, or just for proofreading.

But REQCHECKER™ is only a software and not a method.

You have to design your general approach:

  • the general objective: simply to improve the quality or to be certified according to a specific standard;
  • the requirements elicitation, including actors, stakeholders etc. ;
  • the requirements structure: syntax, attributes, authoring rules, use of documents or databases etc. ;
  • their implementation in your work processes ;
  • the processes to make them evolve over time.

Here are some few high-quality links that will allow you to go further.


The following links provides some of the best practices for requirement authoring.

Requirements Experts

This blog contains effective articles on particular aspects.

Requirement Characteristics

Avoid using “be able to” and “be capable of”

Using the correct terms Shall, Will, Should

V-model and IEC 62304

The following links provides some of the best practices for V-model implementation.


Slides in French present the implementation of an IEC 62304 process in a synthetic way.

Développement de logiciels critiques normés (IEC 62304)


A complete approach consisting of various detailed and educational articles. The title of the website sums it all up: "The Blueprint for Certifying Medical Software."

Writing Software Requirements Based on the IEC 62304