Generate a verification report from document chapters

Generate a verification report by using the chapters of the document.



When requirement are not identified by a specific syntax, the chapter numbers can be used as REQUIREMENT ID and chapter text as requirement text. This task show how to extract all chpater from a Microsoft WORD document.


Step 1

Right click on the file and select Add to coverage menu.

A new project is automatically created and saved as new project.cover.

Step 2

Double click on the new project.cover file to open the main GUI.

Main GUI opens.

Step 3

Select the file and select Syntax choice in Statement retrievel from: list box. Click on the Report > Verification Table menu.

A dialog ask to select a new or existing report.

Step 4

Click on New button.

A new reports is automatically computed and opened.

Step 5

Click on menu File > Save to save you project on disk.