Reqchecker 1.12 is ready

Redmine reader

Redmine is an open-source flexible project management web application. It can be used to record tickets defining the need for a software or system change. The Redmine reader plugin extracts tickets from a Redmine custom query and imports them as requirements. A .redmine file stores the connection credentials and the link to the query.

Auto importation mode

This extraction mode allows to import sentences from a document without any particular structure and to automatically recognize those that are potentially requirements. With this mode, any document can be covered.

Requirement sort order for EXCEL reports

A new option Excel sorted by ID sorts requirements by ID in EXCEL reports (Enabled) or use the discovery order (Disabled).

Quick Properties

Add-in for Microsoft Word provides quick access to editing and inserting MS WORD custom properties.

Reqchecker functional extensions

Reqchecker allows functional extensions through a plugin mechanism.

The input data source can be extended to read a new data format. The built-in automatic text controller can also be extended with additional controls.

It can, for example, be used as a control platform for office documentation. This case is illustrated by the two plugins from the STUDEC company which offer the functions of proofreading simplified English (link) and proofreading rationalised French (link) (Français Rationalisé).

The development of an extension plugin requires the implementation of an Application Programming Interface (API) provided by Khilogic in Java language. Once created, it simply needs to be dropped into the Reqchecker directory to be active at launch.