Reqchecker 1.13 is ready

Regular Expression for Linked attribute

REQCHECKER™ is able to accept sereval syntax for the tag LINKED. In particular, this function makes it easier to recognise references to requirements so that they are not misunderstood as statements.

Log filtered positions

REQCHECKER™ shows the list of positions effectively filtered in its log area. The user can better understand the effects of active filters on the analysed texts.

Modern GUI

The visual aspect of the man-machine interface is modernised. It’s nicer!

Decimal rate for partial coverage

The value of the rate for a partial coverage accept decimal value with a maximum of 3 digits after decimal point. E.g. <<REQ_01>> #P 0.5%. The partial coverage method with percentage can thus continue to be used when a requirement is implemented by more than 100 covers. More…

Extended wildcards

The wildcard syntax offers more features: character range, pattern list. It brings a gain in efficiency for users who are not familiar with regular expressions.

Upgrade Technical stack

Upgrade technical stack to get better performance and security.