Simplified English checker by STUDEC

STUDEC offers its ASD-STE100 SILC™ automatic checker solution which comes in the form of a control plugin for Reqchecker™.

SILC™ supports 25 ASD STE100 rules applied to documents embedded in the Reqchecker project. In particular, it allows you to run checks on a directory and its subdirectories, support readable PDF and WORD and other formats supported by Reqchecker™. It saves your time in identifying the most common errors in addition to checking by a linguist. Statistical analysis allows you to target team awareness to the most frequent errors.

Studec is a major player in document engineering and after-sales support. Studec operates in most industrial sectors, particularly aeronautics, defence, space, naval and energy. Its added value lies in the technical skills of its staff as well as in the coherence and continuity of its methods and tools in strategic sectors such as industry and defence.