Version 1.4.0

What’s new?
@ Requirement cross-coverage : a coverage can be placed inside a requirement. The tag can be inserted either in the requirement text or as a tag. The covered requirement is registered as parent. The coverage XLS report presents it inisde the new column « PARENT REQ ».
@ Add hyper-links from EXCEL reports to MS WORD 2007 (*.docx).
@ Wildcards and regular expressions are available for BEGIN_STAT and BEGIN_COVER tags. This improves extraction abilities.
@ New « Regular Expression Editor » dialog helps user write regular expression. It is opened with a double-click on blue or orange fields.
@ Last report choice is no longer stored in cover file. The new command line options define the required report: -rpdf -rxml -rcxls -rsxls
@ Extracts requirements from XLSX worksheets created by REQCHECKER or from worksheets with same format. These files are presented with a specific XLSX icon. The required format is a header line with columns names followed by data lines. The column « ID » is mandatory, other columns are optionnal. The column order does not matter. Column list is : ‘DOCUMENT’, ‘ID’, ‘POSITION’, ‘TEXT’, ‘TITLE’, ‘VERSION’, ‘COVERAGE DOC’, ‘COVERAGE POS’, ‘COVERAGE STATUS’, ‘COVERAGE VERSION’.
@ new system tag « NA » and the associated status for requirements that are not applicable and considered to be correct.
! Fixed: bug when reading some wrong license key
! Fixed: custom tag value accept tab characters