Reqchecker 1.11 is ready

Google Docs reader

REQCHECKER™ is able to read Google Docs documents accessed from Google Drive.

Improvements for MS Word .doc reader

Now the reader works without the need to install Microsoft WORD on the computer. The read speed is greatly improved. The plugin supports more features: tracking of changes taken into account, images, hidden text not visible, custom chapter numbering.

Cross document rules

The Cross document rules check module allows you to control how requirements are covered in different documents, for example by ensuring that all high-level requirements are covered in both the software architecture AND the low-level requirements. This type of control is necessary to implement the V-cycle rules of IEC 62304, DO178C, ISO 26262, etc.

Default document mode improvement

The default mode assigned to a new document is improved: if the document can be read in “database” mode then this mode is assigned, otherwise the most used mode for documents with the same extension is assigned.

Reqchecker 1.10 is ready

@ Authoring add-in for Microsoft WORD

Take advantage of the new authoring module for Reqchecker: 

  • Requirement creation with template, custom attributes, automatic ID creation.
  • Full text search, including exact term search and filter on error type.
  • Integrated requirement viewer including highlight of search results and dynamic navigation between documents.
  • Coverage insertion with automatic version management.

@ Default requirement attributes

Initial list of attributes for a new project has been improved.

@ Placeholders for report

Placeholders can be used for the report directory and file name.

See full change log here.

Reqchecker 1.9 is ready

@  New help
Updated webhelp now available online and offline.

@ Linked requirement
Two requirements can be linked with the new tag LINKED. This new relationship helps on impact analysis. More…

@ Coverage Matrix improvements
Option Text in coverage matrix is replaced by Extended Coverage Matrix. It controls the display/hide of text, management rate, coverage rate, links and custom tags in the Matrix sheet. The requirement ID column in the matrix sheet of the Coverage Matrix contains hyperlinks that link to the requirement details in the Status sheet. More…

@ Verification Table improvement
When the Verification Table is updated, added rows are inserted in the same order than in the source document. More…

@ Text Full Report improvement
Text Full Report uses markdown structure. More…

@ TSE compatibility
Floating token system is compliant with Microsoft Terminal Services. More…

@ Update PIE colors
PIE colors can be customized. More….